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Cartouche (inscribed Egyptian medallion). A talisman with a name or a phrase written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, in an oval or rectangular frame, usually a pendant. Even during the construction of the great pyramids in ancient Egypt, the powerful pharaohs wrote their names like that. They sincerely believed that it would protect them from evil, troubles and spoiling

Price: 8$ silver cartouche, 12$ silver with gold letters
Egyptian coffee
Traditionally, the best gift from Egypt for coffee lovers is ground coffee with cardamom. In Egypt, you can find everything in order to cook and consume a fresh fragrant drink. Arabic coffee is consistently smaller than usual and often has a flavoring additive - cardamom

Price: Packaging of coffee 1 kg - 10$, 0,5 kg - 8$, 0,25 kg - 4$
Karkade tea
Hibiscus is rich in vitamins, microelements, organic acids. The composition of the petals is 13 amino acids, pectin. The leaves of hibiscus contain vitamin P in high concentration, it normalizes both increased and decreased pressure. If you are prone to hypertension, consume karkade in a cold form. But for those who suffer from low blood pressure, a couple of cups of hot red tea will help improve well-being

Price: Packing of karkade tea 1 kg - 10$, 0,5 kg - 8$, 0,25 kg - 4$
Yellow tea
Egyptian Helba tea has a multifaceted effect on the body and has anti-inflammatory, restorative, immunostimulating, spasmolytic, expectorant, tonic and antipyretic effects. It manifests itself in the complex treatment and prevention of diseases

Price: packing 1 kg of Yellow tea - 5$, 0,5 kg - 4$
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