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  • if you buy 2 or more excursions for at list 4 persons
  • if you invite other tourists from your hotel to take our excursions
  • if you are a pupil or a student

Useful tips for tourists

Be careful! The sun is especially dangerous from 11 A.M. until 3 P.M. If your skin is particularly sensitive, we advise you to stock up with sunscreen and moisturizing creams after sunburn
Underwater hunting with a harpoon gun in Egypt is strictly prohibited. For violation its - arrest and deportation
Shops usually work from 9 A.M. to 20:00 P.M. with a lunch break from 12 P.M. to 14 A.M., and during the tourist season many of them are open until late at night. In the resort area, most retail outlets do not fix prices, so it's common to bargain
Money is better to import in US dollars or euros, they are accepted almost everywhere. It is advisable to have small bills with you. It makes sense to exchange a small amount for pounds, because much in Egypt costs less than a dollar (travel by bus, a bottle of water, a paid toilet). You can exchange money at the bank, at the airport, as well as at the hotel exchange offices
Do not drink tap water and wash vegetables and fruits
When swimming in the Red Sea, do not touch the animals of the underwater world, since most fish are poisonous (especially at night, so swim in the day). Do not tear corals (fine up to 100 USD). Export of local corals is strictly prohibited!
Do not pay for visiting temples and mosques. The entrance to these sacred places is free
Hotels are not responsible for your valuables and money, so use the safe (in most hotels it is in the room, and in some - at the front desk)
In Egypt, it is customary to tip (baksheesh) for small services. if you have good service, you can add 5-10% of the invoice amount. It is believed that the drivers of buses, porters, maids in the hotel deserve encouragement, guides, if the customer was satisfied with the service

Reviews of our guests

Отзыв Надики
The Luxor excursion

We went to Luxor. Unforgettable trip, I had dream to visit this place and now my dream come true. Special thanks to the guide and the agency for the good organization.

Алексея отзыв
Cairo excursion

I with my family wanted to go to see the capital. We took an excursion and very satisfied. We were tired strongly, but a lot of impressions. I advise this excursion!

отзыв Алены
Utopia island

I like the sea world. I realized that I would not see the beauty of the sea in the hotel. I ordered a tour to the Utopia island. There is really a sea world!